Terrot: An optimistic view into the future

    Saxony is the cradle of German engineering art. And this has not happened by accident. A lot of pioneering innovations were born in difficult times.

    Covid-19 poses a challenge to all companies. In order to secure the health of its employees Terrot took consistent measures for prevention. But...
    Customer orders will still be processed in a swift and careful way and be delivered on time.

    A lot of new ideas and technical innovations have not been brought to series production due to the booming times of the past few years. Now Terrot will use the current situation to prepare for the future.

    We understand the requirements of our customers and are therefore able to work on new ideas and we question ourselves to the benefit of our clients. Our engineering is working hard in order to generate new developments within a much shorter time. Innovations get ready for a series production within weeks instead of several months. Terrot will conduct comprehensive tests in order to provide reliable and satisfactory solutions.

    We are looking forward to shaping the future - together with our customers.

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