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ITM 2018 – Terrot looks back on a successful exhibition

Terrot’s core competence is the development of modern and innovative technologies, which have been meeting the constantly changing market and costumer requirements for 155 years. The German circular knitting builder considers itself successfully as innovator on the market with its wide ranging and modern portfolio. Turkish market and its customers continue to be one of the most important Terrot markets in the future.

During the ITM in Istanbul Terrot showed three powerful and partially revamped machines from Terrot and Pilotelli for outer wear and sports segment.

A special highlight was the new I3P 196. Terrot added a new high performance machine model to its successful I3P and 8-lock range. The development of the I3P 196 extends the existing Terrot portfolio for fine rib and interlock with a greater application versatility especially for modern outer wear fabrics. The new model has also other economic advantages and features a high feeder number of 3.2 feeders per inch. The I3P 196 has 4 needle tracks in cylinder cam and two needle tracks in dial cam. Especially for this model Terrot developed a new needle type, which is far cheaper in procurement and more reliable with extended runtimes. Terrot exhibited a 34 inch machine with E24 and an open width frame.

In addition to the I3P 196 the newly created UCC 572 T for transfer structures and the completely revised SL-4 by Terrot’s subsidiary Pilotelli were exhibited. Especially the UCC 572 T is important for costumers, who produce modern and innovative sportswear or women's apparel. With its special Terrot body mapping technology the new created UCC 572-T is able to produce fine gauge fabrics. During the ITM a 34 inch model with 84 feeds and E24 were displayed. The third machine was a completely revamped SL-4 with an open width frame made by Pilotelli. This was the first Italian single jersey model with a clear visible Terrot design. Technical details like the frame and the take down device were completely redesigned. Furthermore the model has a completely new control panel unit, same as the Terrot machines already have. The SL-4 offers customers with its special sinkerless technology advantages in usability and maintenance.

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