UCC 572-TE / UCC 572-TRE

All-round high feeder jacquard model for all kinds of transfer and textured textiles

The UCC 572-TE is designed to meet the global requirements for sports and fashion textiles, especially shoe uppers. These brand new jacquard machine models have unprecedented design possibilities for stylish and extraordinary outerwear, featuring a vast variety of pattern designs with one or more yarn color combinations in conjunction with complex patterns. The UCC 572-TE is highly efficient and at least 50 % more productive than other machines on the market for similar application fields. 2.4 feeds per inch allow an astounding production rate: average of 6 to 8 shoe pairs per Minute.

The UCC 572-TE is easily convertible to an UCC 572-TRE and offers enormous pattern possibilities in the production of fashionable outerwear textiles.

Advantages at a glance:

  • made in Germany – maximum efficiency and precision
  • especially developed for the production of shoe upper textiles
  • most versatile jacquard machine worldwide
  • proven for the shoe upper textile production
  • highly productive with 2.4 feeds per inch and a maximum speed factor of 600 SF
  • maximum design flexibility and vast range of complex pattern designs
  • suitable for structured and perforated textiles with individually characterized areas knitted using different kinds of yarns
  • great flexibility and countless color and pattern combinations on both fabric sides
  • accurate needle selection in cylinder and dial cam box using 3-way technology in cylinder needle selection for knit, tuck and miss and 2-way technology in dial
  • high quality elastane plating in all variations
  • well-equipped for different market requirements due to changeable conversion kits for mattress covers, spacer and relief pattern knits

UCC 572 TE / TER (PDF)


Area of application

  • Home textiles
  • Automotive fabrics
  • Technical textiles
  • Underwear

Approved needle oils

  • Klüber Silvertex W 22 / W32 / T22 / T32
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-22 N
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-32 N
  • Textol C ISO 22
  • LUBCON Turmotexoil LP 22 W
  • Bardahl – Promax Maxlub TEX-HE (not tested and approved for selection units made by Johnson Matthey)
Approved oils will be checked for their suitability by Terrot at regular intervals. The manufacturer of the oil is responsible for a consistently high quality of the oil. Terrot assumes no liability for damage caused by poor quality of oils.