continous top quality

The development of the striper technology is one of the milestones for Terrot circular knitting machines: Exeptional stability in functionality and production output are the key assets of the traditional 4 colour striper technology.  It has been further developed into the I3P4F142 model, a combination of 8-lock technology and elektronically controlled set-up for 4 colours.

Open-Width frame

Benefit from a huge know-how and a well-engineered open-width and winding-up technique with the new designed Terrot open-width frame. Top class fabric quality without any centre crease over the entire fabric surface thanks to sophisticated machine components combined with the highest Terrot quality. The machine type I3P4F142 is available with open-width frame for the following diameter 26 - 36 inches .


Stitch structure

  • 2-sided-fabric
  • Spacer fabric
  • Elastane plating
  • Tuck structure
  • Striper pattern
  • fine rib
  • Interlock
  • Crepe structure
  • Needle set-out
  • Piqué
  • Blister

Knitting technique

  • 8-lock / rib
  • Striper