The name Terrot stands worldwide for quality and top performance in the production of electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines.

"experience makes the difference" - Until today the clue of our company.

Innovations have a long tradition at Terrot. Our goal in the sector of Research and Development is to seize current market trends and to realize them as innovative products. Quality, a maximum degree of efficiency and a high cost-performance-ratio are always in the foreground at the development and the engineering of our machines. Our advantage through experience, technical know-how, expertise and commitment is shown by our everyday performance.

Quality is our highest priority since the beginning of our company history - as quality characterises a brand like Terrot. Our business success and therewith also the success of our customers is significantly affected by our performance. Therefore we always present high-quality, extremely long-lasting and user-friendly solutions to the market. This means for our customers an investment in future-proof producer goods, increase in productivity, development of new markets and thus the assurance of the own business success.