Terrot’s godparents

To help new colleagues and trainees of all backgrounds get started in their professional and social everyday life, Terrot’s employees take over a godparenthood. They not only assist new colleagues to find their way around the workforce and introduce them to colleagues but they also make sure of their social integration outside of work. Commonly shared pastime activities and cultural exchange are as much part of the program as assistance in dealing with paperwork and bureaucratic affairs as well as apartment hunting.

First godparenthood started

Terrot‘s initiative of godparenthood is well received: Qutaiba Jarkas, a young textile engineer from Damascus, fled his home in Syria last year. Now, he starts a new life in Germany. With Tom Pillgrimm, a colleague working at our IT department, we found a Godparent, who makes it easier to understand this still foreign culture. Tom assists Qutaiba with finding his way around the company, introducing him to everybody, and getting to know the city of Chemnitz, too. They get along very well and even have planned some leisure activities together, such as going out for a meal, visiting a museum or playing sports together.

We are delighted to see this relationship growing stronger and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Tom Pillgrimm!

Second godparenthood: theory meets practice

Just finished studying, Paul Mäde starts his new career as a young mechanical engineer at Terrot. He supports our engineering department, especially in developing new mechanical components. He is looking forward to explore the history of circular knitting machines and as a result develop new ideas for the technique of the 21st century from this.

Practical relevance is essential for the theory and shows an understanding of the matter. Mario Starke, long-time employee of our assembly department, didn’t hesitate to take this opportunity to take on responsibility for this young colleague and also to give Paul Mäde an insight in the practical area of the company. At the first meeting it presented itself that both have a lot in common and enter this godparenthood open-mindedly.

Our special thanks goes to Mario Starke for his great commitment!