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The Terrot sourcing strategy is based on a long-term cooperation in partnership with our suppliers. Here you will find general information about the Terrot demand, the requirements that Terrot has towards its suppliers and information on how to register at Terrot. By sending your contact details once you can easily provide us information about your company.

Overview of the Terrot demand

  • drive elements and bearing units
  • sheet metal parts (lasered, nippled, galvanized, powder-coated)
  • iron castings (gray cast iron and speroidal graphite cast iron)
  • electric motors, electronic-, mechanic-, electromechanic assembly groups
  • die cast components out of aluminium and plastic
  • devices for assembly and production
  • flat modules
  • stamped and formed parts out of ferrous alloy
  • standard parts
  • Cable (control cables, cable assembly etc.)
  • steel and metal sections
  • welded assemblies
  • precision turned and milled parts
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Purchasing guidelines Terrot Textilmaschinen GmbH

The purchasing organisation of the Terrot Textilmaschinen GmbH looks for long-term partnerships with its suppliers to achieve jointly an optimum efficiency and quality from the supply chain through to our customers. The Terrot purchasing guidelines form thereby the framework of all purchasing activities. The standard for the application of our guidelines is the continuous achievement of quality-, delivery and cost objectives. A frank communication and mutual cooperativeness are thereby our business principle.

1. Customer satisfaction

At Terrot our customers are always in the focus of our actions. Therefore our goals are oriented towards the requirements and the satisfaction of our clients. For the realisation of those objectives, we work inter-divisional and fair with all involved parties to ensure the best combination of performance, delivery and efficiency.

2. Responsibility for quality

Achieving our quality targets is an indispensable condition for us as we at Terrot pursue the zero-defect objective. The purchasing department is thereby in charge of the quality at external procurement and cares about the implementation of quality targets for purchased parts. We rely on our suppliers as partners who deliver reliably and in due time.

3. Supplier development

We look for efficient and innovative suppliers to work with in a long-term, economical effective, open and fair way. We are focused on both partnership with small local companies and with global acting suppliers. Thereby we actively support our suppliers in developing their competence and respect them as an independent business.

4. Fairness and transparency

Our supplier relationships are characterized by an open and fair contact with each other. Prices and conditions of suppliers are treated as strictly confidential. Purchasing decisions are solely made on the base of objective and clearly comprehensible criteria. At the selection of our suppliers, the implementation of our objectives and the evaluation of the supplier performance, we take into account pricing, logistic and qualitative aspects. We thereby follow standard procedures.

5. Environmental awareness

We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, therefore we consider it at the material selection with regard to packaging, disposal, recycling, transportation as well as at the selection of our suppliers in general. We strive to implement energy- and resource-saving production processes and facilities in order to avoid secondary effects or impacts on the environment.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (PDF)
General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment (PDF)