Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony

Terrot is a founding member of the association “Wirtschaft für ein weltoffenes Sachsen“ (economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony). The association aims to counteract xenophobic tendencies in Saxony with a company- initiated and -sustained campaign.

Networking with clear commitment to cosmopolitan State of Saxony

The main goal is to establish a growing network with a clear commitment to a cosmopolitan and internationally integrated Saxony. The image of Saxony has been severely damaged by xenophobic appearances in media, as it unsettled international business partners, professionals as well as tourists. The loss of confidence and turnover affects businesses as well as society in general.

Together for the integration of immigrants into economy and society

It is important now to improve the reputation of Saxony’s economy in the public perception, both nationally and internationally, to draw attention to the risks and negative effects of xenophobic acts for the location of Saxony, and to work accompanying for the integration of immigrants into the economy.

The association is open to further active members representing economy, politics and society. For more information and contact please visit