Current trend shoe uppers – Terrot on the road to success

Im Trend - Rundstrick für die Produktion von Shoe Upper Textilien  // Current trend - Circular knitted fabric for the production of shoe upper textiles

$0Astraditional manufacturer of circular knitting machines, Terrot places greatimportance on high quality and maximum precision. The wide application spectrumof all Terrot machines ensures fabrics with outstanding characteristics forunder- and outerwear as well as technical or home textiles. Terrot’s corecompetence is the development of modern and innovative technologies, which havebeen meeting the constantly changing market and customer requirements for 155years. With a wide range and modern portfolio the German manufacturer isperceived as innovator on the market.$0$0The global knitwear market and especially thedemand for knitted fabrics for sportswear are constantly growing. A trend thatis on the rise. In order to meet the latest market demands in knitted footwearand sportswear Terrot recently launched several updates. $0$0Reinforcement for an innovative portfolio$0$0Most recent developments include the newtransfer relief model UCC 572-TRE, especially designed for the knittedfootwear market. This technology fits the market requirements for producingadvanced shoe uppers providing high productivity and offering maximumflexibility and creativity.$0$0The transfer relief model UCC 572-TRE is anewcomer within the Terrot product range. The large potential of thisparticular model is based on the stitch forming edges, which can produce holeor perforated patterns in combination with continuously designed areas. Themodel has 2.4 feeds per inch and is therefore at least 50 % more productivethan other machines on the market for this application field with only 0.8 ormaximum 1.6 feeds per inch.  The 3-waytechnology in cylinder cam and 2-way technology in dial cam ensure unlimitedmulti-colored pattern designs. $0$0Due to this specific knitting technology, themodel is perfect for designing athletic and innovative shoe wear with a perfectfit. The knitted hole patterned structure giving a lightweight feel and aspecial designed shape to support active fit. With regard to trends like masscustomization the UCC 572-TRE together with the suitable design Software “PaintTerrot” realize easy customizable products with a huge profit margin.$0$0Conversion kits –Equipped for each production scenario $0$0Another huge advantage is that this machine canbe easily converted into a machine UCC 572-ME3. This model was originaldeveloped for the production of double jacquard mattress ticking and is one ofTerrot’s flagships. Another special conversion kit allows further on theproduction of special spacer structures, which can be also used in the field ofmattress or shoe upper materials. Both machine models offer unlimited numbersof knitted structures and fashionable designs. $0

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