Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony

On 18/08/2016 Terrot hosted the opening event of the association "Business for a cosmopolitan Saxony" for the region Chemnitz. Entweder for the region of Chemnitz oder Chemnitz region.
About 60 companies and institutions followed the invitation of the association to learn about its objectives and to exchange their knowledge and experiences with the integration of immigrants.

Clear attitude of tolerance and cosmopolitanism

Host and spokesperson of the association, Andreas von Bismarck explained why Saxon companies play a key role in the integration of immigrants:
‘It is important to take a clear position and to counter xenophobic tendencies at an early stage. We represent our location in Saxony and should just start by taking actions within our companies. We can, for example, start right at our workforces to arouse and encourage positive willingness to cosmopolitanism.’

Integration of immigrated professionals strengthens companies

In the joint panel discussion with the Saxon State Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport Martin Dulig, entrepreneurs and employees described their experiences in integrating immigrated professionals and how it effects their daily work life and where current problems exist.
The challenges of successful integration are complex and there is no immediate solution to all the questions. ‘Regardless of frequent language barriers, feelings of insecurity in everyday life or significant bureaucratic hurdles, it is important to put emphasis on the benefits of multicultural work relationships for both sides’, Mr. Dulig said. ‘Given that integration is a bilateral contract, is it very clear that both sides contribute to the outcome but also benefit from it.’

Therefore, the association ‘Business for a cosmopolitan Saxony’ commits its future activities to the recognition of work integration as a positive factor, which is worth investing in.

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