Jury nominates employers with responsibility

The online platform www.csr-jobs.de has called employers to apply with their special projects for recognition as "employers with responsibility".
We are very pleased to announce that Terrot GmbH has been nominated in the category "Our new working environment".

Integration via sponsorship program

Terrot is particularly active in the field of integration. A special sponsorship program was launched this year, in which new employees are accompanied by colleagues as their godparents to help getting familiar with the company and the city of Chemnitz.
Especially for the integration of refugees, who are doing an internship with the chance of a subsequent working contract, this sponsorship program has already proven to be very helpful to manage challenges of the new everyday life in Germany.

Education campaign at a corporate running challenge

Recruiting services and employer branding are also becoming increasingly important for Terrot. The company uses digital and social media, but also includes traditional communication channels for employees with lower digital affinity.
The new education campaign is an important step in the recruiting process. It is to accompany students in their vocational orientation phase and to offer a forward-looking perspective in Chemnitz, a city that has been struggling
with depopulation and aging after the political change.
In 2016, Terrot and its trainees jointly developed a campaign theme and participated with a team of more than 70 people at this year's corporate challenge run in Chemnitz (Chemnitzer Firmenlauf) on September 7.
Students, trainees and runners of Terrot as well as supporters and cheerleaders along the track all celebrated together in an athletic party for education marketing and employer branding.

More on vocational Training at Terrot under www.azubi-terrot.de.

Information about the CSR Job Awards and nominations

Newsbeitrag auf Haufe.de:https://www.haufe.de/personal/personalszene/csr-jobs-award-2016-jury-nominiert-kandidaten_74_374392.html

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