Summer Party: Terrot’s 10th anniversary in Chemnitz

On 25 June, more than 400 guests celebrated Terrot’s 10th anniversary at the Chemnitz site with bright sunshine, fantastic food and charming music from the musicians of Egolaut from Leipzig.
With one look back and two forward Andreas von Bismarck thanked his staff and their families for the dedication and perseverance, as ten years ago everything hung in the balance and the closure of two production sites - Chemnitz and Stuttgart – threatened the company’s existence.

Thanks to the workforce of Terrot for their dedication

The successful foundation of Terrot GmbH in Chemnitz offered an optimistic perspective for the future, and was significantly supported by Klaus Dieter Utoff from IG Metall. This forward-looking approach and the willingness to embrace change have become Terrot’s benchmarks and keep shaping the future of the company.

Presentation of unique artwork to remind of the anniversary

The tour through the production halls literally started with a "crowning enlightenment": The artists Lutz - Rainer Müller and Stian Ådlandsvik have been asked by Andreas von Bismarck to create a unique artwork. From hundreds individual knitting machine parts they designed and manufactured an impressive chandelier, which now offers a radiant reception at the entrance of the production hall.

A very special thanks to all who contributed to this successful celebration! Even the weather reflected the last decade impressively: from bright sunshine to strong thunderstorm, we had it all. The beauty of it: The guests stayed and with them the good mood.

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