Terrot Group exhibit machine for single jersey fabrics at Bangladesh’s DTG 2017

S296-2 Single Jersey

As one of the leading manufacturers of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines worldwide Terrot will be present on DTG Bangladesh 2017 with one of its most successful machine type for Bangladesh market: single jersey machine S296-1 with 3-way technique.

With a know-how of about 150 years and its innovations Terrot influences the development of the worldwide textile industry significantly. The company combines its traditional values like superior quality, innovative engineering solutions and consequent customer orientation with the demands of the global markets.

Outstanding price performance ratio

Exhibition machine model S296-1 features a large variety of different stitch structures. Up to 4 needle tracks enable a flexible and efficient production of knitted fabrics for several applications. Positive needle guidance in combination with enclosed needle tracks provide an even knitted structure whilst at the same time working with a simultaneously high operation speed. Another advantage is the ideal distribution of 109 feeds over a 34 inch diameter and an engine power of 4.0 kW. This enables machine operation with maximum energy efficiency and low running costs.

Greater process reliability at high machine speeds

Monitoring every stage of the stitch-forming process will ensure a greater process reliability. The exhibition model reaches a speed factor of SF 1050. The system density of 3.2 feeders per inch diameter allows a high production standard with an increased manufacturing efficiency.

More flexibility with conversion kits

Powerful argument for this machine is the increased performance with possibility of conversion to a 3-thread fleece machine that offers much more production flexibility for customers. Within a machine diameter of 26 to 36 the machine can be quickly changed into SBF 296-1. The resulting knitted fabrics are highly inquired on global market.

Possible applications

The predestined scope of application of the S-296-1 is the production off all kinds of single jersey knits from gauge E12 to E54: 2-thread yarn fleece, elastane plating, tuck structure, crepe structure, eyelet stitch pattern, mesh, needle set-out, piqué and plain single jersey.

As usual the S296-1 from Terrot is available with an open width frame and also with a tubular frame and can be configured in various machine diameters from 26 to 44 inches on customer demand.

Terrot welcomes visitors at the DTG 2017 at booth 705.

For more information about the products and the company, please visit www.terrot.de and www.pilotelli.it.

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