Terrot Group will exhibit a range of machines representing latest and market-leading technologies at ITMA 2015

First innovative highlight is the UCC548E3, which was especially developed as Double-Jacquard machine with electronic needle selection both in cylinder and dial. It masters very high gauges and offers the 3-Way Technique in the cylinder and 2-Way-Technique in dial. With its precise and fast electronic needle selection, the UCC548E3 supports unlimited creativity in pattern designs, and therefore makes it especially attractive for the production of fashion fabrics, for example women's wear in gauges up to E28.  Rapid pattern changes are easily processed via direct upload by pattern software, and changeover time is reduced.  

UCC548E3 - Electronic Double-Jacquard for unlimited creativity

In fashion design, the multicolor technique can be used to combine creatively and effectively different pattern effects with solid-colored areas on both sides of the same fabric. The growing demand for this type of machine since its launch, acknowledges Terrot’s customer-oriented development approach for this kind of specialized machinery. Basically, all models of the UCC548E series can produce any kind of knitting structures, whereas relief and jacquard in several colors are the UCC548E’s focus of application. It is also compatible with the use special feed units to create elastic fabrics with incorporated elastomers as well.

Exhibition machine model UCC548E3:

  • Diameter in inch: 34
  • Gauge E28
  • Number of Feeders: 54
  • Electronic Needle Selection in Cylinder and Dial:  3-Way-Technique in cylinder and 2-Way-Technique in dial

Another specialized Electronic-Jacquard on display will be the UCC594M – machine, which represents the state-of-the-art technology for mattress ticking. This model stands for powerful electronically controlled Double-Jersey machinery, unrivaled in its high yield, and has therefore already become an integral part in the machinery of leading producers for mattress fabrics worldwide. The model is presented with high industrial frame C6/3.
Further exhibits are Single-Jersey Electronic-Jacquard model SCC572, Double-Jersey transfer machine model UP248T with is newly presented gauge E8 and proven Mini-Jacquard technique, and machine model I3P284-I. In close cooperation with key customers the spacer machine components and settings have been especially developed for fine gauges and thus correspond to actual market trends.

For the first time at ITMA 2015, Terrot Germany, will exhibit on a joint booth together with Terrot Italy, owner and manufacturer of the brand Pilotelli.

The SL-4 version, latest generation of Pilotelli’s sinkerless range, incorporates newly engineered technology that is patented by Terrot. Proven ease of use and new qualitative influence by Terrot are showcased with the machine model JVCE-4 3.0 SL-4 in Open Width frame T.A.7. The Pilotelli Sinkerless Technology guarantees high output and low maintenance.

As additional highlight, Terrot shows inspirational interpretations of sport fashion made of circular knitting fabrics from Terrot machines. Aspiring fashion designers from the Fachhochschule Dresden (University of Applied Sciences) have tailored a fresh and unique collection related to exceptional sports. In this way professional expertise and the statement for innovation and specialization come together skillfully. A combination that harmonizes well with the credo of Terrot group: Experience makes the difference.

Terrot Germany and Terrot Italy welcome visitors at ITMA 2015 in hall 5 at booth E101- E102. 


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