With our partner TRM, we were very pleased to be able to present our products and services to a wide audience again after such a long time at Febratex


We presented our Pilotelli series high-efficiency single jersey machine “JV-3.0” that combines a speed-factor of up to 1,500 on selected structures with highest pattern quality, easy handling, long maintenance cycles and low needle wear-out in an industrial frame version. Finest German engineering – genuinely “Made by Terrot”.


The JV-3.0 impresses with high machine speeds which make the model cost-effective and highly efficient:

• Less carbon footprint, less energy consumption with high efficiency drive

• Large pattern range with up to 4 needle tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge spectrum

• Modified cam design for highest speed and minimal wear

• Well known click-clack system (easy knit-on system)

• Availability of different frame


Exhibition machine model

Diameter                                             32“

Gauge                                                 E28

Number of feeders                             96

Machine speed/RPM                           up to 46 (High Speed)

Number of needle tracks                    up to 4 needle tracks in cylinder

Knitting structure                               Single Piqué

Fabric application                                Fashion | Technical textiles | Automotive | Home textiles

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