ITM 2022

ITM 2022

1,280 exhibitors from 65 countries

44% international and 56% domestic

64,500 visitors from 120 countries


The first truly international textile machinery show after ITMA Barcelona 2019, was held from 14 - 18 June 2022 in Istanbul. ITM 2022, which was organised in 12 halls covering an area of 120,000 sqm, broke records in terms of exhibitors, visitors and machine sales.

Terrot exhibited some new, highly productive and successfully with our clients in Turkey tested success stories:

We presented our Pilotelli series high-efficiency single jersey machine “JV-3.0” that combines a speed-factor of up to 1,500 on selected structures with highest pattern quality, easy handling, long maintenance cycles and low needle wear-out in an industrial frame version. In addition we displayed our high-feeder electronically controlled mattress ticking Terrot series machine “UCC 594-M” which has lately become one of our machines of choice for many of the world’s leading mattress cover producers. Both are of course finest German engineering – genuinely “Made by Terrot”.

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