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(BERLIN/ CHEMNITZ, February 2016)

Terrot GmbH has been honoured for its business success in the scope of The European Business Awards, in an exclusive event held at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Along with 43 other companies, Terrot was chosen as a ‘National Champion’ for Germany by a panel of independent judges, including senior businesses and academic leaders, in the prestigious Europe-wide competition sponsored by RSM.

At the event, attended by 80 senior representatives from Germany’s most successful companies, attendees had the chance to speak to leading businesses in their field and hear from guest speakers including British Ambassador, Sir Sebastian Wood.

Managing Director of Terrot, Andreas von Bismarck, was presented with the certificate of honour for Terrot. “This event is an excellent start to 2016”, he says excitedly. “The Awards support the open exchange of ideas on successful business practices and promote positive, forward-thinking entrepreneurial activities regardless of the sector and the B2B or B2C focus. I can see, we all have innovative spirit and strong customer-orientation in common."

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Germany is home to some truly exciting and entrepreneurial businesses, which we are delighted to champion and support. We wish Terrot and all the National Champions every success for their businesses in the future.”

The European Business Awards’ primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. For all citizens of Europe, prosperity, social and healthcare systems are reliant on businesses creating an even stronger, more innovative, successful, international and ethical business community - one that forms the beating heart of an increasingly globalised economy.

The Berlin event was the tenth in a series of events for The European Business Awards that have taken place across Europe to celebrate the 678 National Champions from 32 different countries. Further information can be found at

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