UCC 548-E

Electronic individual needle selection in the cylinder and dial!

As the latest innovation in the Electronic-Jacquard sector Terrot presents the UCC548ME.

This fully electronic machine model impresses by its electronic individual needle selection (Piezo technology) in the cylinder and dial and allows therewith an even wider range of patterns in the field of mattress tickings.

The patterning of both fabric sides offers a variety of pattern possibilities which can
also be applied in the field of sports- and leisurewear. Moreover the used 2-Way-Technology supports a reduction of the reversal times and thus provides a faster pattern change.

Open-Width frame

Benefit from a huge know-how and a well-engineered open-width and winding-up technique with the new designed Terrot open-width frame. Top class fabric quality without any centre crease over the entire fabric surface thanks to sophisticated machine components combined with the highest Terrot quality. The machine type UCC 548-E is available with open-width frame for the following diameter 26 - 36 inches .


Area of application

  • Home textiles
  • Sport- and leisurewear

Stitch structure

  • Mattress
  • Elektronic jacquard

Approved needle oils

  • Klüber Silvertex W 22 / W32 / T22 / T32
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-22 N
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-32 N
  • Bardahl -Promax Maxlub TEX-HE (nicht getestet und freigegeben für Auswahleinheiten der Firma Johnson Matthey)
  • LUBCON Turmotexoil LP 22 W
  • Textol C ISO 22 / 32
  • Textol HT 22 / 32
  • Textol TS ISO 22 / 32
Approved oils will be checked for their suitability by Terrot at regular intervals. The manufacturer of the oil is responsible for a consistently high quality of the oil. Terrot assumes no liability for damage caused by poor quality of oils.