I3P 160-R

The meaning of I3P is interlock in 3 positions – knit, tuck and miss – and results in a flexible application for production of outerwear textiles.

The 8-lock machine I3P 196 is a highly productive knitting machine and creates interlock, punto di roma, milano rib and piqué rodier with maximum efficiency. The model convinces with 3.2 feeds per inch and a speedfactor of 1050 SF.

Open width frame
The new Terrot open-width frame convinces with high quality components and superior functionality for fabrics without any center lines. The open width take-down was designed for fabric rolls up to 600 mm.

Approved needle oils

  • Klüber Silvertex W 22 / W32 / T22 / T32
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-22 N
  • Klüberoil Tex 1-32 N
  • Bardahl -Promax Maxlub TEX-HE (nicht getestet und freigegeben für Auswahleinheiten der Firma Johnson Matthey)
  • LUBCON Turmotexoil LP 22 W
  • Textol C ISO 22 / 32
  • Textol HT 22 / 32
  • Textol TS ISO 22 / 32
  • Textol WE ISO 22 Plus / 32 Plus
  • Textol SE ISO 22 Plus /32 Plus
  • Textol WX ISO 22 Plus / 32 Plus
Approved oils will be checked for their suitability by Terrot at regular intervals. The manufacturer of the oil is responsible for a consistently high quality of the oil. Terrot assumes no liability for damage caused by poor quality of oils.