Circular knitting machines made in Chemnitz

Terrot in its tradition as the oldest existing circular knitting machine manufacturer worldwide continues to produce the full range of its circular knitting machines at the new site in Chemnitz.

Chemnitz was, and is a city with a flourishing economy and inventive talent. In Chemnitz, the filing clip, thermos flask, laundry detergent and much more were invented. The "locomotive king" Richard Hartmann, the mechanical looms by Louis Ferdinant Schönherr and the founder of the West-Saxon knitwear industry Herbert Eugen Esche justify the reputation of the city as a centre for economy. The industry has not only developed successful products and achieved profits but laid the foundation for an excellent reputation of Chemnitz businesses that opens doors to this day.

Chemnitz today is once again a competitive centre for technological innovation. Previously prosperous industries such as the automotive supplier industry, machine construction and the textile industry are also engines for growth today. Companies value the central location in the EU, the good infrastructure connections to the city and the short decision-making processes of the administration.

Science and business have traditionally been closely linked in Chemnitz. About 50 research and development facilities ensure this along with a highly productive academic landscape and the most successful technology centre in the East of Germany. Studies certify Chemnitz and the surrounding Erzgebirge (Ore mountains) as the most investor-friendly environment in the East of Germany.

Chemnitz today is once again a competitive centre for technological innovation, for which it owes its numerous entrepreneurs and their proximity to the research centres. The fact of the matter is: since 2004, Chemnitz has been counted among the ten strongest growing cities of Germany every year.

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