Terrot Italy

Terrot’s production site in Cazzago San Martino provides efficient and modern capacities for the various stages of manufacturing from cylinder and sinker milling processes to the complete assembly of machines.

Since 2015 Terrot Italy S.r.l. has been known for the production of single jersey circular knitting machines of the traditional “Pilotelli Macchine Tessili” brand at the production site in Cazzago San Martino.

In spring 2014 Terrot took over the operative management and established step by step the production which was suspended until this point in time. Strengthened by the positive customer feedback after the first deliveries of machines in October, the acquisition of the brand Pilotelli Macchine Tessili was successfully completed in summer 2015.

In November 2015, Terrot Italy presented the new technically revised machine portfolio together with Terrot Textilmaschinen GmbH at the leading trade show ITMA in Milan, Italy.

Terrot Italy continues to work closely together with Terrot Textilmaschinen GmbH on the product development and process optimisation ensuring the smooth transfer of the latest technical know-how and to continuously expand the portfolio.

Terrot Italy is presented by an international network of sales representatives. For offers and service enquiries please contact the relevant sales representation of Terrot Textilmaschinen GmbH or Terrot Italy directly.

Types of Pilotelli Macchine Tessili machines:

  • JVCEM-4
  • JVCE4
  • SL-4
  • J 4.0-V
  • FACV-4
  • JSP5-4

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