Pilotelli Macchine Tessili now fully integrated into Terrot Group

Sales of Pilotelli circular knitting machines increasing / Cylinder production to promote spare parts business / Showcase at ITMA Milan 2015

Chemnitz/Cazzago San Martino, 01.06.2015
Terrot Italy S. r. l. has successfully completed the acquisition of Pilotelli Macchine Tessili circular knitting machines.

Terrot Italy has started successfully in its first year. In May 2014 they took over the operational business of the Pilotelli Macchine Tessili circular knitting machines, and already in October they started to deliver the first machines to their customers successfully. Terrot Italy S.r.l. has been performing the business and also enjoys the status of a well established order book already.

Increasing sales numbers show customers’ confidence

The wheels for Pilotelli’s sales have begun to turn visibly again:  As first machine of the current product range, the single-jersey machine model JVCE with open width frame was technically developed furtheron and presented as JVCE-4 3.0 T.A.7 at the trade show KTM 2014 in Kahramanmaras in Turkey.
Not only customers in Turkey show their confidence to Terrot for Pilotelli machines. Also from Europe, South America and North Africa orders have been received and the enlargement of the business continues every day.
By now, more then 120 machines of Pilotelli brand have been sold already.

Cazzago San Martino: Machinery and Cylinder Production 

The updated product range of Single-Jersey circular knitting machines comprises machine model JVCE-4 3.0 and J 3.0-4 in tubular and open width frame versions. The SL sinkerless technology is currently updated to patented version No. 4 and the first machines have been successfully delivered to our customers already.
Terrot’s production site in Cazzago San Martino provides efficient and modern capacities for all manufacturing steps, from cylinder and sinker ring cutting to complete machinery assembly. Especially the production line for cylinder manufacture opens up future potential for additional sales in the business of spare parts and subcontracting.
During the recent months, the management has further integrated business structures of the German and Italian company on organisational and production level. “Our new team of Terrot Italy and our people in Terrot Germany work together very well and make great efforts to integrate and coordinate the businesses. The dialogue on all levels of workforce has already positively affected all involved. Great thanks to everybody.” Managing Partner Andreas von Bismarck sums up on a positive note.

Terrot Germany - Review 2014

From Terrot’s perspective, 2014 and this year so far have been very busy with new projects and interesting outlooks for the future. In cooperation with its international sales agents, the German manufacturer of circular knitting machines has presented its product range during leading international trade shows and several business talks worldwide.
2015 Terrot Group continues the development of specialised circular knitting machines close to customer demand, e. g. for spacer fabrics, transfer techniques or high speed knitting.
The ITMA 2015 in Milan is expected to be this year’s a highlight for showcases: Then, for the first time, Terrot Germany and Terrot Italy will exhibit together to present their latest technologies.

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