SZ-online: Terrot is planning a revolution

Journalist from two regional newspapers "Freie Presse" and "Sächsische Zeitung" have visited our Corizon project and talked to our Managing Director Mr. von Bismarck to learn more about his plans for the future of this revolutionary technolgical innovation.
Terrot is currently examining all options to invest in new production sites, but not only for machinery production. "With this new technology we can bring textile industry back to Germany. This sector needs a 'real' innovation", Mr. von Bismarck emphasizes.
Terrot's R & D department has been working on this for the last years. Now, the Corizon technology combines the spinning process directly with the fabric production via circular knitting. The Corizon-made fabric is very even, extremely soft, light and opaque at the same time - altogether very favourable qualities. Initial contacts to renowned brands have already shown interest in possible production of sports wear and yoga fashion.

Sources online (German language) Freie Presse online 15.06.2016  and SZ-online 15.06.2016

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